Update: Ostriv Alpha 1 - Patch 6

  • Heute kam das 6. Beta Update zu Ostriv heraus.

    Unten der entsprechende Changelog zu denn Update sowie weitere Hinweise des Entwicklers.

    Um das Update zu erhalten, muss das Spiel wie gehabt über Humble neu heruntergeladen werden.

    This update fixes a bunch of reported issues and introduces some additions based on your feedback.


    • added an option to turn off water reflection (for better performance on slower GPUs)
    • can now sell firewood at the market stall
    • crop rotation settings not getting removed if a manager is fired
    • showing separate notifications for messengers arrived
    • slightly reduced chicken farm productivity


    • crash on construction priority change (in some cases)
    • cancelling paused construction didn’t work properly and caused crashes later
    • livestock limit on chicken coop didn’t save
    • some citizens were so undecided they switched jobs before even made ten steps to them
    • build queue shrinking didn’t work properly when using UI scaling
    • better resource supply mechanic for market stalls (affected eggs the most)
    • corrected eggs consumption by citizens

    some problems may still persist in old saves, but won’t appear again.

    If you have errors regarding “MSVCP140.dll” you need to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017. Here’s the direct link: https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/vc_redist.x86.exe

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